Document Management

Why outsource?

Oftentimes an organization spends significant amounts of financial and human resources internally managing volumes of information and documents generated throughout their enterprise. Managing this function internally usually forces an organization to divert these valuable resources away from the operations that support its core competency and mission. Outsourcing this function to your document and information management partner, Document Management Incorporated (DMI), allows your organization to maximize internal operating efficiencies and focus vital resources towards what is most important -- your organization's goals.

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Document Scanning

Document imaging is the most effective way to begin better managing the volumes of paper that is generated throughout your enterprise. Whether your organization's need is to better manage all the documents generated throughout its workflow, or just its vital functions, Document Management Incorporated (DMI) can provide your organization with a quality document scanning outsource solution that is just right for you.

Through DMI's document scanning services your critical information will be captured, indexed and stored per your specific requirements. DMI can scan your organization's information to any media, including directly to your servers or DMI can host them for you on our secured network. Document Management Incorporated can also OCR your documents to allow you to search their contents.

Vital Document Storage

Regardless if your organization utilizes a valuable outsourcing solution or uses an internal or traditional paper-based document management system, certain vital documents must be retained due to their critical value. Document Management Incorporated (DMI) has a vital document storage solution that effectively and securely manages your organization's critical documents off-site, while leveraging the power of the Internet to provide 24/7/365 secured access to its contents from any desktop anywhere in the world.

For one flat rate, DMI will individually record, index, track and store each of your organization's vital documents in a fireproof filing cabinet located inside of our climate controlled, fireproof vital records storage vault. In addition, Document Management Incorporated will scan, index and store an imaged copy of your organization's vital documents on our secured network to allow your staff, and if desired those you serve, instant access through your enterprise's current environment and workflow.

Consulting Services

At times it is necessary to manage your enterprise's information and documents internally. Sizing the right solution and selecting a reputable vendor can be challenging, Document Management Incorporated can help. DMI can serve as an objective partner by providing industry expertise and knowledge directly to your team.

If your need is to define and implement an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system or to enhance your hardcopy records storage practices, DMI's team can assist you throughout the process. Serving as your partner, DMI will ensure that you receive the highest level of value for your investment.

Image Hosting/ASP

The investment in hardware and software, as well as the IT staff/knowledge and the general labor required to execute the workflow of an internal system can be significant and can also require much time to design and implement. Document Management Incorporated can offer your organization a simple, cost-effective outsourcing solution that can be implemented within days not months. DMI can either take images captured through our document scanning services or can accept images directly from your organization and host them on our secured network. DMI can also design and develop custom software applications and host them for you.

Hosting your organization's images with Document Management Incorporated will allow you and your staff to securely access and manage your images directly over the Internet from any desktop 24/7/365, anywhere in the world without significant investment and overhead. All you need is a web browser and a free reader. As your organization's information and document management partner, DMI can also customize our interface screens to work within your current workflow more efficiently. DMI can also interface directly with your system through a point-to-point connection allowing access to your organization's images directly by those you serve while they remain within your environment.

Climate Controlled Storage

Some organizations still require the retention of their enterprises paper records aside from which document management outsource solution or internal system they engage. For those organizations, Document Management Incorporated has a climate controlled records storage solution that can meet their needs. DMI's climate controlled records storage solution manages and stores your records securely and effectively within its temperature controlled facility.

Storing your organizations records in a secure climate controlled environment will insure that the paper, and the information printed on it, will not deteriorate and break down over time. Leveraging industry standard bar coding technology, DMI will efficiently track and manage your volumes of boxed or open shelf records. Document Management Incorporated can also offer your organization the actual boxes necessary to manage your records at competitive rates.